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Tournament Rules.

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Tournament Rules.

Post by sagacious_sue on Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:36 pm

1. All games must be set for 1 week, unless a different time limit is agreed by both players.
2. If your opponent doesn't take their turn within the allocated time you must FF them, giving you a win.
3. Each round is based on the best of 3 to determine who goes on to the next round.
4. You can either play all 3 games at the same time or play one at a time. Decide this with your opponent.
5. After you have completed your games you will need to come back to the forum and post your 2 or 3 games scores under the thread 'Tournament Scores'.
6. It isn't essential but is recommended you take screen shots of your completed games should there be a dispute (highly unlikely)
7. If at any time you are having problems playing your games please inform your opponent and myself.
8. If at any time you aren't happy with your opponent then please send me a private message either on here or Facebook. Do not
bring disputes onto the open forum.
9. Brackets will be posted at the end of each round showing who your opponent will be in the next round.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for taking part.

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