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Knockout Tournament RULES

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Knockout Tournament RULES

Post by sagacious_sue on Fri May 25, 2012 6:55 pm


Tournament Format: 2 games per round
1.All timers must be set for 24 hour games.
2.Each game should be completed as quickly as is possible to prevent delays in further rounds.
3.You are encouraged to play both games at the same time but this isn’t a necessity.
4.At the end of the 2 games please total your scores; the person with the highest score will go on to the next round.
5.If your opponent goes over the 24 hour time limit you are strongly encouraged to use the force forfeit unless:
a)They have informed you of a possible delay due to work or family commitments
b)They have informed me of any delays, including problems loading the game.
For this reason all players should notify either me or their opponent at the earliest opportunity of any possible delays in taking their turn. Once a forfeit has taken place, this will be final.
In the event you are having computer problems, internet problems you can text me on: 07870780134, I will then let your opponent know.
6.Please do NOT enter a tournament if you know you are going on holiday or mini breaks within 1 month of the start of the tournament or anything else that may affect your ability to continue with the tournament. Force Forfeits will take place without any delay in this event.
7.ONLY the WINNER will submit the scores throughout the tournament.
8.All players are encouraged to use the wall tab on the tournament page to discuss their progress and general chit chat.
9.If you want to forfeit your game/s at any time throughout the tournament please be courteous and let your opponent know the reason.
10.If at any time you want to drop out of the tournament, please inform me via a message on Facebook as soon as is possible.
11.ALL members of our Scrabble ‘n’ Babble ladder will be invited to join the tournament; if you do not wish to take part, please use the ‘leave league’ on the left side of the tournament page. I can only invite you if you have accepted me as a friend on the Scrabble ‘n’ Babble Ladder.
12.It will be up to every individual to check the tournament bracket regularly to see who you are/will be playing in each round. This can be achieved by clicking on knock-out tab. To enlarge the bracket just click on it.
13.Please only enter this tournament if you are fully committed, have a reasonable amount of time to play the games, willing to check the site regularly and submit scores if you win.
14.Finally, enjoy the tournament and good luck to you all!
Sorry you will probably have to use your zoom option to see the bracket on here or a magnifying glass lol
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Knockout Tournament RULES

Post by mark_gilby on Sat May 26, 2012 6:40 am

Sue is there a problem accessing the tournament via the free online league website? I've logged in to try and see the members who r playing and I'm not getting anywhere...I'm getting this random error message that I never had b4?


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Re: Knockout Tournament RULES

Post by biddenden_sue on Sat May 26, 2012 7:51 pm

Yes, Mark, the site is down, unfortunately. Sue is not amused!

Your best bet is to save the image above to your PC then view it that way. Mark, you're playing Sharon, if you didn't know. Good luck.

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Re: Knockout Tournament RULES

Post by sagacious_sue on Sat May 26, 2012 9:11 pm

LOL Sue, I came home from a lovely day out followed by a BBQ at Charlotte's house. Logged into facebook only to be faced with 12 messages all about the tournament, then one from the inconsiderate Matt. I felt bombarded and then to discover nobody could access the tournament.

I just wish people would come and use this forum, it would be so much easier for everyone. Alerts could be posted for all to see, I wouldn't have to keep creating messages on facebook and going through all my friends to find the ones that need adding to the message.

I even added the connect with facebook to make it easier for everyone to log in here.

I'm on the verge of giving the whole thing up! Sad or at least staying off facebook for a few weeks.

Why do people think facebook is the only way to communicate. Even if they posted on the league site that would be useful as all ladder/tournament members could read and add replies.

LOL moan, groan and rant over.

What I have decided is to take a rest from scrabble for a few days. I just never seem to have the time to keep up with my games these days. Embarassed

Anyway, back to the tournament, they have replied to my message to them about the tournament page being down so should hopefully have it back up and running soon. However, I am now going to make my own bracket and post it on here and if anything else goes wrong we can continue the tournament manually. xx

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Re: Knockout Tournament RULES

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